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Affordable insurance is being looked into (to be confirmed)  that will cater for undesirable black swan events like market crashes, major changes in currency systems, adoption or abandonment of currency, pandemics, scamdemics, and the like. CONTINUOUS RISK ASSESSMENTS ARE AT THE FOREFRONT OF OUR INVESTMENT STRATEGY. A preferred approach is also to OPTIMIZE INVESTMENT SPREAD which is an internationally accepted practice to mitigate risk (limiting our eggs in one basket). To achieve this we are consistently reviewing/investing in multiple underlying platforms ranging from 30 to 100+ to ensure an optimum diversified investment portfolio to prevent a single macroeconomic disaster negatively influencing the rate of growth. We also do not enter into discretionary trades. All our trades in crypto, forex, stocks, options or other, are based on AI, purchased tips or copy of other specialists’ AI or IP or per exact trend trading rules. There is no room for interpretation, personal views or discretion. A single purchased trading tip is applied to the stock on various trading platforms, then leveraged and related options also optimized. In bull markets we not only buy ITM calls but we also sell OTM puts. These are no-brainers. Be informed that we are a cloud-based business with virtual offices, this is intentional and we will not post false addresses, false company registration certificates. Time will prove that we are a reliable business with a long-term investment goal in mind.  The longer we remain active and profitable, the greater our sound reputation through numerous investments, greater returns, and ultimately satisfied customers. AS STATED BEFORE, WHEN WE DO NOT MAKE MONEY, WE DO NOT TURN A PROFIT. To be blunt - we give you the undertaking and commitment that we will NEVER steal your money. Our aim is long-term with many additions to the business in the pipeline. We are not interested in a few million dollars once-off and then spend the rest of our lives concerned we may be traced and indicted. WE ARE HERE TO BUILD A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS. 

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