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"WE ARE CO-INVESTORS LIKE YOURSELVES AND FOR THIS REASON WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS". The reasons are:     (A). We are intermediaries and not purveyors of investment products that are implied to have some form of intellectual capital incorporated. We are simply great at scam scoring and management of third-party products. We are unique; we do not fail and we do not accept losses. We remember the negative experience of others that have caused us and others losses, and we have learned from them. (B). We aim to legally optimize taxation benefits of our members’ profits. Our strategy aims to incorporate a very compliant avoidance (not evasion) mechanism which we will expand on in due course. (C). We aim to disrupt the investment market. The days of earning 3-6% per annum and still pay costs of 1.5% for the favor to earn such a bad return are over. What the traditional investment market has proven, is that personal smear campaigns, mass media-led disinformation, warnings against, and also personal attacks, are common. This does not concern us as our goal is to optimize returns. Our reputation will be proven in our consistent growth cycle and on-time payout schedule. (D). When one becomes a VIP member ($10,000+), personal introductions may become appropriate. This will depend on the value-added services and/or products on offer at the time.

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